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Do you know if your restroom is occupied? Unique device increases safety and convenience as employees return to work

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Sometimes a solution is so simple that it is ridiculous that someone didn’t come up with it earlier.

Building owners and managers have a problem today. Especially when it comes to restrooms. They’re asking, “am I ready to bring my workforce back after a two-year hiatus? What can I do to increase employees comfort level and ease their transition back into their workspace? When can I expect to see the same level of productivity again?”

Most business owners are unaware of the loss of revenue that they encounter when their employees go in and out of the restroom. Before the Covid pandemic, there were only two things’ employees wanted in restrooms. Cleanliness, and knowing when the restroom is available. Today, that’s not all they want. Now more than ever they want to feel safe. They want to reduce the risk of spreading disease.

According to OSHA guidelines on physical distancing in the workplace, “Implementing flexible meeting options to limit the number of people in one place at any given time is encouraged. Employers can also alter workspaces to help workers and customers maintain physical space, such as by using signs or other visual cues.” Ref.1

The Heads Up Lock Company has taken an innovative and affordable approach to visibly show whether restrooms are available from a distance. This reduces the need to stand in line, all while increasing social distancing. Knowing when it is safe “to go” with a quick glance on the wall will reduce the risks of restroom line congestion considerably. Especially when the restroom is out of sight or even on another floor.

This locking device is ADA approved and comes in kit form which contains everything needed to install. It is plug & play and can be installed by any qualified handyman.  The Heads Up Lock can be used for all single-stall restrooms, such as in commercial buildings, restaurants, manufacturing plants, convenience stores, supermarkets, hair salons, medical clinics, banks, and schools to name a few.

Many store owners have noticed The Heads Up Lock actually increasing customer comfort and buying experience. Customers associate clean bathrooms with the overall quality of a store and its ability to deliver food safely. It also makes it easier for the custodial staff to know when a restroom is available to clean. It is evident that it doesn’t take long for the Heads Up Lock to pay for itself in a short period of time.

Of course, this is just one option available to building and business owners to consider as employees return to work. The Heads Up Lock is an effective tool that allows management to do their part to reduce the spread of Covid while improving employee convenience, safety, and productivity. 

No one knows exactly when we can put this pandemic behind us. But the great day will come when management and staff can all look back and say, “We’ve got this. Let’s get back to work.”

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