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Itasca Retail Extends Reach of its Industry-Leading Inventory Intelligence Platform

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More than 6,000 grocery stores across North America now profit from Itasca Retail Inventory Intelligence solutions that track On-Shelf Availability in real time, continuously forecast demand, receive direct store deliveries, and automate store orders with unparalleled accuracy.

Inventory Intelligence is critical for grocery retailers as they confront cost increases, supply chain shorts, demand surges, changing shopper behaviors, labor shortages, and intensified competition from digital-only retailers.

Itasca Retail is leading the charge to modernize inventory practices with its highly rated Itasca Magic™ solutions for computer-generated ordering (CGO), perpetual inventory (PI), demand forecasting, receiving, and data management.

"The Inventory Intelligence built into our software has always helped grocers maintain or increase margins," said Jeff Kennedy, CEO of Itasca. "We'll help them even more in these changing times."

Itasca software brings advantages across crucial dimensions of merchandising performance:

  • Best-in-Class Service Levels, with On-Shelf Availability rates above 99.5% and fewer lost sales from OOS
  • Highly Accurate Demand Signal enabled by continuously gathering T-LOG data as transactions happen
  • Lower Cost of Merchandising Capital by curbing excess safety stock that stifles cash flow
  • Fewer Substitutions in digital orders fulfilled in physical stores and distribution points
  • Fewer and More Complete Truckload Deliveries from DC to stores
  • Compatibility with the latest touch-screen hand-held devices used for inventory management without the need to "sunset" a retailer's investment in legacy devices

These operational benefits are reflected in superior revenues and profits.

Optimization at its Core

Magic™ was originally introduced to supermarkets in 2003. Itasca's development team reasoned that CGO, PI, and supply chain forecasting were essential to an effective solution. Retailers choose the software:

  • To counter competitive pressure from industry giants such as Walmart and Amazon who manage inventory as a strategic asset
  • To combat food waste and shrink, which is bad for retailers, the consumer economy, and the planet
  • To respond to industry and economic changes, like shopping patterns, labor shortages, and supply-chain shifts
  • To solve store labor challenges, by making merchandising jobs easier and more efficient, to get more done with fewer hands
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